GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – A relaxing pool day getaway turned into a big headache for some after thieves targeted their vehicles looking for valuables.    

It’s happened at two popular swimming clubs in north Greensboro: Lake Jeanette Swim and Tennis Club on Bass Chapel Road and the Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club on Windlestraw Lane.

“He was in and out within 30 seconds,” said Sandra Davis, a member of Lake Jeanette. “So pulled in next to us, broke the window, had my purse and was out of the parking lot.” 

Surveillance cameras captured someone breaking into her SUV in the club parking lot on June 4 around 3:30 p.m.

Davis told FOX8 that although her purse was in plain sight, it was empty. Her doors were locked.

“It’s a little unsettling when it happens in the broad daylight two hundred feet from where we’re sitting,” she said. 

She’s become more vigilant about where she parks and what’s inside her SUV since the theft. 

“That’s our neighborhood, and that’s where we feel safety,” Davis said. “It’s not like I was in an area where I didn’t feel safe, and it kind of reminds you that these kind of opportunity criminals are everywhere, and they’re hiding in plain sight.” 

Billy McCorquodale found glass shattered on the ground, a busted passenger window of his truck, and his girlfriend’s wallet gone in the Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club parking lot on May 30. It was one of the busiest pool days for Memorial Day. 

“It’s kind of unexpected for the area to be honest,” McCorquodale said. “People walking in and out of the parking lot all day long. I was really surprised nobody saw a thing, though.” 

McCorquodale told FOX8 his girlfriend left her wallet in the center console. He thinks it caught someone’s eye. His doors were locked. 

“They had to crawl in to get it because if they had to pull the door handle, the alarm would’ve went off,” he said. “So just busted a window, crawled in and left.”

A Greensboro police incident report reveals another vehicle was targeted in the same Cardinal parking around the same time. 

McCorquodale said his girlfriend canceled the cards and didn’t have cash in the wallet.  

“Ultimately got away with nothing,” he said. “I ride down the street and see now hiring signs everywhere. Go get a job instead of taking somebody else’s stuff.” 

Both McCorquodale and Davis had to pay out of pocket to replace the windows. 

Cardinal Tennis Director Derek Gamble told FOX8 staff repositioned some surveillance cameras to get a better view of the parking lot and reminded members to be alert.  

FOX8 reached out to the Lake Jeanette club director but has not heard back.

Greensboro police are investigating the cases.