GREENSBORO, N.C (WGHP) — Trash in Greensboro is creating a health and safety hazard in the city and keeping shoppers from stopping at stores.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan described the trash around dumpsters as “a mess and gross.”

Councilwoman Sharon High described the trash piled up on Randleman Road as a mess.

We drove down the street Thursday afternoon and found recycling bins overflowing.

“Randleman Road shopping center and Dollar Tree right along Randleman Road. A lot of complaints come along the Randleman Road area. That’s what I hear a lot from my constituents,” Hightower said.

It’s not the only area where there is trash trouble.

Our cameras captured parking space in the Northeast Shopping Center on Summit Avenue littered with trash.

“I have to have gone there, and it has been so nasty, and I turn around and get into my car because you don’t want to step in the trash, track it back to your car, tracking it back to your house,” Hightower said.

The problem is getting so bad that city leaders are looking at ways to hold business owners accountable.

“This is an ongoing issue we need to bring to the surface, and we need to impose some penalties…that’s what gets people’s attention more than anything,” Hightower said. 

“While we are looking at those ordinances. I would like to look at the same type of thing when it comes to apartment management. We have had ongoing problems with apartment managements who don’t pay their dumpster fees and then trash is all over the place,” Councilwoman Tammi Thurm said. “The neighboring homeowner are dealing with picking up the trash that blows out. People dumping on the side of the road etc. If we can look at that as a whole, it would be appreciated.”

Greensboro field operators are often called to clean up the trash when complaints come in a division currently down 15 people.

Councilwoman HighTower says city leaders are planning to hold a work session with the field operations director next month to work on ways to further address and enforce the trash problem.