GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — As spring brings changing temperatures and rain showers to the Triad, it also brings an increase in potholes on the roads. The resulting costs, complications and work for drivers are adding up, according to Tim Bridges, owner of Greensboro Tire and Auto.

“It’s an age-old issue…defective asphalts are going to deteriorate and fall away,” Bridges said.

Bridges added that the pothole problem is more noticeable after the winter months when hard weather has torn up the asphalt more than any other season.

In 2022, the city of Greensboro repaired 4,344 potholes with crews having each incident repaired in less than a day and a half on average.

However, it’s important to report potholes as soon as possible as they not only pose safety concerns but can also become quite costly.

“Axle problems where it makes the car undrivable and where they have to tow it in at that point,” Bridges said. “Well, it’s beyond my realm here, but it can be three grand or something like that.”

Residents of Greensboro have multiple ways to report a pothole.

During regular business hours, they can call 336-373-CITY (2489) and talk to a representative who will take down the necessary information and create a work order. They can also use the Live Chat feature on the city’s website or submit an Online Service Request.

The city has also made the process even easier with the GSO Collects App. Available for download on any app store, the app allows residents to submit a request to report a pothole anytime, anywhere.


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“It’s the biggest thing: how fast road crews get there and cover it up,” Bridges said.

There is no timeline on how quickly a request will be fulfilled, according to a city representative. The city asks for submissions to be as detailed as possible so that crews can locate and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Reporting potholes is crucial as the city does not have enough staff to patrol the city looking for potholes. All of the reports come to the city’s contact center where representatives create work orders for crews to make the repairs.