GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Search warrants are providing more details about what led to a standoff in Greensboro several weeks ago after police confirmed an officer has resigned.

Police were on Golden Gate Drive for more than six hours on Feb. 10.

Around 7 a.m. Feb. 10, Dustin Elston, who was a Greensboro Police Officer, went to Moses Cone Hospital with a gunshot wound to his ankle and foot area.

On Wednesday, Greensboro Police Department stated that an “altercation” between three people broke out just before 5 a.m. No charges have been filed in this case.

“The investigation yielded unclear and varying information and statements among the three individuals. Former Officer D.M. Elston was one of the three individuals and was not on-duty at the time of the incident,” a representative with the police department said.

On Feb. 27, Elston resigned from the Greensboro Police Department. Elston had been employed with the department since 2018.

According to warrants

Warrants say that around two hours earlier, Elston said he was walking his dog with his brother when they crossed paths with a masked man carrying a backpack. Documents say that the dog “got excited,” broke loose and ran towards the stranger and the man ran away, running into a home on Golden Gate Drive.

Allegedly the man walked out of the home a short time later and started shooting. Elston was hit in the ankle and he apparently ran to nearby homes for help. A neighbor said that he identified himself as a Greensboro Police Department officer but he didn’t let him in because he didn’t see an ID.

This chain of events prompted a standoff at what the property owner says is a boarding house.

“They kept repeating the address, his name… and can you please come out with your hands up. We heard that for two hours,” a neighbor said.

Police interviewed people living in the home. The alleged shooter has not been found.

Greensboro Police Department says they will release more details soon.