GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s been 77 days since the Pallet Homes in Greensboro were built as a temporary shelter for those experiencing homelessness during extreme weather conditions.

Cynthia Blue, Greensboro assistant director of Housing and Neighborhood Development, said the program became a success.

The Pallet homes are located at Pomona Park in Greensboro outside of the baseball field, primarily used by the Arc of Greensboro’s Challenger league, which is a league designed for children with disabilities.

The league plans to start mid-April, but Lindy Garnette, executive director for Arc of Greensboro, said once the homes are taken apart, there will still need to be some clean-up.

“They have been able to make it happen and to keep people safe…hopefully, it will have little bearing on our ability to run our season the way it needs to be run,” Garnette said.

Arc plans to sodder the grass and spruce up the area the pallets were on by the time the season starts.

Starting this month, Blue said the pallet homes are coming down and will go into storage until they need to use them again.

Blue said the pallet homes will be taken down in phases. The plan is to transfer ten people at a time to other housing accommodations each week for the next four weeks and remove the pallets from the park.

Garnette said she hopes the time frame of the pallet breakdown doesn’t affect the start of the season, but if time is needed, Arc is willing to work with the city.

Pomona Park is the only field the challenger league can use. The field has a rubberized surface for mobility, allowing wheelchairs to ride along the surface.

Arc hopes they will use the field in time for the start of their season. Garnette said if the city needs to extend the takedown process of the pallet homes, they are willing to extend the time the best they can through communication.