GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — No more raking your leaves to the curb or putting your sticks, weeds and other yard waste into plastic bags. On Thursday, the Greensboro city council had a conversation about streamlining the process to pick up leaves and other yard waste across the city.

There was no decision made, but there were two key points everyone agreed on. First, the current system for loose leaf pick-up is not working, and it needs to change. The second point is those plastic bags need to go.

“We need to be bold and do something,” said Marikay Abuzuaiter, a city council member who has been advocating for a change. 

Greensboro is planning to end loose-leaf collection.

“The temp staff is not there, and full-time staff is not there,” said Griffin Hatchell, the city’s solid collection waste manager.

The city is proposing giving all residents a 95-gallon bin that is similar to their trash and recycling bins just a different color. Pick-up would still happen every week. If you have more leaves and yard waste to add, you can purchase an additional bin or use biodegradable paper bags that cost around 50 cents at any home and garden store.

You can put up to 10 bags out on the curb all year long for pickup. Then during the leaf collection season from November to February, you could have up to 15 bags on the curb. 

“I don’t know if I like that so much. I kind of like the loose-leaf pick-up. It makes things easier,” said Jimmy Gardner, who lives in Greensboro.

Some residents are concerned about the change, but the city says with safety, efficiency and trouble finding workers, this is the way forward.

“The biggest problem we are going to have is people won’t know about it,” said Mayor Nancy Vaughan.


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She says that it’s crucial to start getting the word out now that change is coming.

This proposal will go to a vote at the next city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

The only change we might see for this fall would be no more plastic bags. All of the new rules with new bins would not go into effect until next fall if approved.