GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department is asking for public input on the Greensboro Aquatics Facilities Master Plan.

The plan, also called Plan2Splash, is in the draft stages.

Residents are invited to review the plan and comment on it between now and May 3 by taking abrief survey. The Parks and Recreation Commission will receive further public comments and consider a recommendation to support the plan at its June 14 meeting, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Greensboro Science Center.

Pending the commission’s endorsement, the city council will consider adopting the plan this summer.

For the last year, parks and recreation planners and firm CPL have analyzed the department’s existing facility conditions, engaged residents for input into the future of aquatics in Greensboro, completed an equity and inclusion analysis, and developed recommendations and cost estimates for improvements and expansion. This work is detailed in the draft Aquatics Facilities Master Plan. 

“Our swimming pools and spraygrounds are valued and impactful facilities within our park system. The community input that we received in developing this plan has been crucially important in shaping recommendations for the future of our aquatic facilities,” said Parks and Recreation Director Phil Fleischmann. “More than 1,800 individuals offered feedback through engagement processes. We encourage you to share your comments regarding the draft plan with us.” 

A preliminary summary of select highlights and recommendations from the plan are listed below: 

  • Greensboro provides more public aquatics facilities than most agencies of its size, according to the National Recreation and Park Association’s annual Park Metrics report. 
  • Greensboro Parks and Recreation provides aquatic facility access in areas with varying levels of social vulnerability, and facilities are located primarily in the southeast, northeast, and central areas of the city.  
  • Greensboro’s public pools are outdated and in need of significant renovation. Funding strategies should be reviewed to determine future status of aquatic facilities needing repair or replacement. 
  • If new aquatics facilities are added to the parks and recreation system, locating those facilities in areas where they serve larger populations of people is an important consideration. 

Facility recommendations include: 

Peeler Community Park 

  • New three-lane lap pool; beach entry; interactive aquatics play; water basketball
  • Interactive water plaza   
  • Renovate existing locker rooms and restrooms and expand pump room

Warnersville Community Park 

  • New six-lane pool; beach entry; zones for smaller and older children; interactive aquatics play 
  • Renovate existing locker rooms and restrooms 
  • Additional park renovations, including improved landscaped lawn and walking area; outdoor basketball; food truck space; playground and play lawn area 

Lindley Community Park 

  • New six-lane pool; water basketball; Ninja Cross obstacle course; water slide 
  • New mechanical room and renovated locker rooms and restrooms
  • Additional park improvements including play pavilion; open lawn with seating; food truck; support facility 

Smith Active Adult Center 

  • No pool renovations; overall site improvements for walking and outdoor recreation 

Barber Park and Keeley Park 

  • Add additional misters to the spraygrounds

Future Sites 

  • Brown Community Park has been recommended for the addition of a sprayground.
  • Hester Park has been recommended for the addition of a sprayground. 
  • Griffin Community Park has been recommended for the addition of full-service aquatics facility. 
  • Site of afuture park on Short Farm Road is recommended for the addition of full-service aquatics facility. 

Preliminary phasing and cost estimates for construction are included within the full plan.