GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – The sounds of revving engines and squealing tires have become common for some people living in Greensboro. 

“I feel like I live right in the center of a racetrack,” said LaVonda Leak, who lives off of Spring Garden Street. “It’s like they’ve made a track.” 

Leak said city streets have become a place to race. The noise disrupts her nights and puts other people on the road at risk.  

“Their very own track between the Spring Garden [Street], Holden [Road], Wendover [Avenue] and then back to Market [Street],” she said.

It mostly happens on weekends between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

“A lot of people…don’t even like to go out after a certain time because they’re afraid they might be a victim of an accident.” Leak said.

Greensboro Police Captain Chris Schultheis told FOX8 the racing is likely spontaneous between two drivers, possibly because of road rage. 

“There might be one person engaged in unsafe driving where they’re speeding, and they encounter another person who’s also speeding,” he said. “They take that upon themselves to escalate the unsafe behavior, and now you have two people just speeding next to each other.” 

There’s been an increase in reports of drivers weaving in and out of neighborhoods and on highways. 

“We’re routinely…stopping and ticketing cars going in excess of 100 miles per hour,” Schultheis said.

The danger is when there is less traffic on the roads. That’s why enforcement is a priority on the Greensboro Urban Loop. 

“The larger the roadway where there’s more room to engage in this unsafe behavior,” he said. “That’s where you tend to see it more.” 

There are challenges for officers when drivers spot suspected street racing and call to report it. 

“They’re gone…even if you’ve gotten a license plate, if we didn’t witness them driving like that, we’re very limited on what we can do enforcement-wise,” Schultheis said. 

Schultheis told FOX8 that if you see street racing, report it, but do not try to follow them.

“If you’re trying to get somewhere two minutes sooner, it’s not worth risking your safety, and it’s certainly not worth risking the safety of all the other motorists on the road around you,” he said. 

If the drivers are caught, they may lose their licenses and could even have their vehicles taken away.

“I can’t tell you how to drive your car,” Leak said. “I can’t tell you where to drive your car. Just…be considerate of the other people that are around you.”