GREENSBORO, N.C (WGHP) — A Greensboro homeowner spotted a man kneeling down in his fenced-in backyard with nowhere to go.

Police say the man tried to break into a home and pointed a gun at an officer.

Ronnie Edwards said he was in his kitchen looking out his window when he saw the man walking to the back of his home.

The second time he came on his property, Edwards called 911.

His heart raced a bit as he walked described the scary encounter he had with the stranger, 

“The first thing that hit my mind was ‘we need to go out here. Put this guy in check. Find out what’s going on,'” he said.

He said he approached the man and asked him to leave. That’s when the man started walking towards Phillips Avenue.

Edwards thought he was gone for good, but he wasn’t. He looked out his window and spotted the same man in his backyard.

Police blocked off the 2700 block of Phillips Avenue, which is less than a mile from Edwards’ address. 

The first officer on the scene reports the suspect pointed a gun their way. The officer fired a shot.

As more officers responded, police say the man pointed the gun at himself.

Officers used a non-lethal force to detain the main with the help of the department’s Behavioral Response Team. 

“About 75 percent of our mental health calls, we’re able to respond to those with a trained police officer as well as a mental health clinician. That program has been great,” said Greensboro Police Chief Brian James.

It started in January with six officers, six clinicians and supervisors. 

Edwards feels blessed he was not hurt, and he is glad the man he encountered and the officers are safe.

“The police I feel did the right thing to at least wound him and let him know that ‘look, I am an officer, and I’m doing my job,'” he said.

James says he would like to expand the Behavioral Response Team, but finding funding and resources is the problem.

On Thursday night, Winston-Salem addressed new ways to respond to mental health situations.

People can expect to see a new plan roll out in late summer or early fall.