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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The holiday season can be hard for some families, especially for people seeking help from local shelters. Over the past year, donations for shelters have slowed down. One Greensboro kid is making an effort to ease the burden through donations.

10-year-old Landen Harrison is doing his part this Christmas season by asking people around the community to help him donate to the less fortunate instead of asking for Christmas gifts from Santa.

“I have everything I want and everything I need,” Landen said.

Since 2018, Landen has been collecting donations starting Nov. 1 to Dec. 24 to take to the Weaver House on Christmas day as a part of his “Christmas wish list.”

His mother Audra said she sees a bit of his late father Philip Harrison in him when he completes and asks to do his selfless acts.

“Phil was always…in the community. Always helping out. Always doing small things just to make sure he left the world better than it was when he got here,” Audra said.

As many children run to the Christmas tree to tear open gifts on Christmas day, Landen gets dressed to deliver gifts that most people take for granted like warm coats, hats and toiletries.

“We go to a shelter for homeless people, and we sit there on Christmas morning. We don’t open our Christmas gifts yet, but we put all the donations in the car, and we go take it out to them,” Landen said.

Landon told FOX8 his family plans to continue their unique and selfless tradition every year for the foreseeable future.


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“It makes me feel happy to know I have helped people that need help,” Landen said.

To help in Landen’s mission, donations can be left at the doorstep at 1000 Honeysuckle Drive in Greensboro.

Any donations will go to the Weaver House. Landen will be collecting donations through Christmas Eve.