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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It has been a year and a half since a charismatic Greensboro family man was gunned down in an apartment complex on his 30th birthday, and no one has been charged.

The shooting happened in November of 2020 on Folly Court.

“He was amazing, charismatic, charming, he could talk, he was the life of the party,” said Roslyn Smith and Shantae Jones.

They’re talking about Ardoin Smith, or Audi as they called him. Smith is his mom, and Jones is his girlfriend.

Audi came home around 2:30 in the morning. He was ready to join his sleeping girlfriend and their 2-year-old son after celebrating his birthday when someone shot him.

“Before he left that day he had taken with him some balloons that I had delivered to him earlier in the day,” said Smith. “I’ve been told he was still clutching those balloons when they found him.”

Jones looked out the window and saw his car parked outside and wondered where he was. She opened the door and saw him lying there.

The pain of losing a young man they both loved is unimaginable, but both women tell FOX8 it hurts to watch the same type of violence continue to destroy the communities they love and the people they love.

“Murder is final, death is final, it’s not a video game, they don’t get to come back, there’s not an extra life and it’s devastating,” said Smith.

Audi leaves behind a son who is now four years old. His mom and grandma try to keep him away from play guns and pretend violence. They try to keep reminding him how much his dad loves him.

“I never expected to have to raise him by myself, it’s been really hard to not say, well go to your dad, ask your dad, with him being a boy he needs that,” said Jones.

They say more people need to realize a violent choice by one person can change so many lives.

“We want this violence to stop, put down the guns because it’s devastating and it destroys families, I can never get my son back,” said Smith.

Smith checks in with detectives at least once a month on her son’s case.

The family is encouraging anyone who knows something to call Greensboro crime stoppers.