GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A man is hoping the person responsible for a hit-and-run that killed his brother will come forward.

Greensboro Police said Jerry McBride was hit by a car while walking on North Church Street just one day after Thanksgiving.

Jerry’s brother and sister-in-law returned to the spot where he was hit. They were emotional talking about what it’s been like to mourn this loss while not knowing who’s responsible.

“It’s all I can do to keep myself together because I’ve got a whole bunch of emotions going through,” Rob McBride said. “I’m mad. I’m upset. I’m sad. And it’s just all I can do.”

Rob remembers the last text he sent his older brother Jerry the day after Thanksgiving. The two were supposed to celebrate with family the next day.

“‘Hey, bro. Let me know we’re still good for tomorrow,’ and he didn’t answer me back, which was strange,” Rob said. “I should’ve checked it out.”

Rob found out the next morning his brother had been hit by a car while walking in the southbound lane on North Church Street in Greensboro. Officers took photos and collected evidence on the scene. The investigation centered around a 2002 black Saturn L200, which police said was abandoned by the driver.

“Not only did you take the life of my brother, you took a life period,” Rob said. “He was 67 years old. He still had a few good years left, and it’s not cool to take a life and just take off.”

Jerry lived on North Church Street. Rob believes his brother was walking from his home to the tobacco and vape store less than 1,000 feet away when he was hit. It’s a walk he had taken many times before.

“I just don’t get it,” Rob said. “I don’t know if it was an accident. They just didn’t see him. But the way I look at it if it was an accident, you took off, so you’re just as guilty as you was if you did it on purpose.”

Rob is working to move on, knowing nothing will bring his brother back.

“I don’t even like thinking about that,” he said. “It just really hurts. It really hurts.”

He’s asking for your help to bring his brother justice.

“This is a busy road, and I know…somebody had to have seen something,” he said. “Please call the police department and let them know.”

Both the family and police are asking anyone who might’ve seen this crash to call Greensboro/Guilford County Crimestoppers.