GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The City of Greensboro is delaying a controversial policy change that would see city residents fined for failing to roll back their trash and recycling carts from the curb.

The policy states that people who leave trash and recycling carts out on the curb for extended periods of time would be subject to a “roll back fee” of $25. City officials state that the intent of the policy is to address complaints about households who leave their carts out for too long.

Greensboro Field Operations says that they have received over 350 complaints about the issue yearly.

However, many residents of Greensboro expressed concern and confusion about the policy change and the specifics of how it would be enforced.

After hearing the community response, the Greensboro Field Operations Department will delay enforcement of the fee for 120 days.

During that time, a public education campaign will be provided to inform the community about the policy and how it will be enforced.

Field Operations Director Julio Delgado says the fee is not meant to target residents who leave their carts out due to busy schedules or other limitations.

“The intent is not to punish people who want to put their can out 4-5 hours early because they have to work. The program is to make the community better.”