GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Have you seen semi-trucks parked along the side of the road in Greensboro?

The city is working to crack down on enforcement and come up with solutions for drivers.

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There are two lots the city wants to lease out for oversized vehicle parking. Right now, Greensboro is accepting proposals to rent and operate the lots, creating dozens of parking spaces for these trucks to get them off neighborhood streets.

“I doubt that it would really solve the issue but it would certainly help address it,” said Stephen Carter, the Greensboro Business and Parking Manager.

It’s a city-wide problem.

“We get a lot of complaints about oversized vehicles, a lot of citizens call to complain, as well as we do observe it often,” said Lt. Frances Banks from Greensboro Police Department.

Any vehicles more than 80 inches wide or 30 feet long cannot park on city streets, if they do, the first step is a warning.

“ A lot of times, it is just a matter of going and talking to them, educating them,” Lt. Banks said.

If caught again within the year, it’s a $75 fine. After that, repeat offenders will have their trucks towed.

“Fortunately that has helped giving the warnings because when I do go back by those spots, the trucks are no longer there and I am not saying just go by the next day or the following day, I mean I am continuously checking that location to make sure,” Lt. Banks added.

Police put signs in neighborhoods with the most complaints and keep a close eye on those areas. But the city knows, there aren’t many options out there for drivers.

“The city is aware this is a problem, we are looking for ways to address,” Carter said.

The city has two lots to lease, one on Regional Road near the I-40 and 68 interchange. The other is on the other side of town, on Stewart Mill Road off of I-40 and Mt. Hope Church Road.

These areas could be turned into oversized truck parking. But first, the leaser would need to make site improvements. “Gravel or concrete at the lot, fencing, lighting, security types of issues,” Carter said.

It’s a 5-year lease, with rent of $100 per acre, per year. If approved, the site has to be operational within 1 year and continue operating all 5 years of the lease.

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The cost for drivers to park there would be up to the leader.

“We hope these individuals want to care about the community and be good neighbors, it is against city code to park on these streets and in the neighborhoods and we want to provide a safe place for people to park instead of them being forced to use areas where it isn’t really allowed,” Carter added.

The city has not received any proposals yet, once they do, it has to be approved by the city council before work can begin. There is no timeline for when the parking lots could be operational. For more information to apply.