GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro city councilwoman is declaring something needs to be done about an area of the city troubled by violence.

“We’ve got to get people to understand that violence is not the answer,” Sharon Hightower, who represents District 1 in Greensboro City County, said.

People living along Randleman Road have dealt with shootings and robberies for years, including a shooting on Saturday morning that injured two people. Police were called around 2 a.m. after getting reports of a shooting in a parking lot.

This comes less than two weeks after multiple businesses were robbed over the course of three days.

“I’m a little baffled. I understand the bank robberies because wherever you have banks the potential for a robbery,” Hightower said. “Just because we’re in a commercial district with businesses, we should not have shootings.”

Councilwoman Hightower represents the busy corridor of Greensboro and wants to see changes made in order to deter crime. She believes extra lighting could help, as well as maintaining design standards for businesses and putting in more cameras around businesses. “We’re not monitoring people, we’re not invading people’s privacy but we’re wanting our businesses and our public to feel safe.”

According to Councilwoman Hightower, there’s $1 million in the city budget to address busy corridors like Randleman Road, Elm Eugene Street and Freeman Mill Road.

A meeting focused on Randleman Road is happening Monday at 6 p.m. at the Hemphill Library on West Vandalia Road. Police, code enforcement and transportation representatives will be there to hear community feedback.