Greensboro, NC (WGHP) — On Thursday, the Greensboro city council discussed changes in leaf collection.

It’s something many of you called and emailed us about for months as you found piles of leaves blocking your streets, clogging storm drains and blowing around your neighborhood.

Any possible changes would come down to how you pile up your leaves.

Instead of leaving them loose, they would need to be put in containers, likely something other than plastic bags. It’s all to keep the streets clear, and the people picking them up safe.

“When you have leaves piled up on both sides, you have one lane, and you know how  Greensboro drivers are: if you have one lane of traffic, it can get exciting,” Steve Culver said.

It also creates slippery conditions, especially when the leaves are there for long periods of time.

“It is hit or miss. Sometimes, I will rake my leaves and put them out in the road…the next day, they come pick them up, and then there will be times where it takes a month for them to come. That’s when the neighbors get upset when they have lots of leaves,” Jimmy Stowers said.

On Thursday, the city council discussed options to increase efficiency and everyone’s safety.

“The bin can be picked up just like a garbage can,” said Marikay Abuzuaiter, who holds the at-large seat on the city council.

People are not opposed to changes like using biodegradable paper bags instead of plastic and 96-gallon bins.

“I’m not opposed to it if it means the leaves will get picked up more on a regular basis,” Stowers said.

City leaders feel this will make things more efficient and better protect the people doing the pickup.

“Lifting trash, dumping it is hard work. Think about the volume that our folks do and do so well,” said Chris Wilson, the deputy city manager.

17,000 tons were collected last year. But some homeowners don’t mind the leaves around.

“We actually keep our leaves and go through the neighborhood and collect other people’s leaves that they leave out,” Gwen Damelio said.

She repurposes them to use as fertilizer.

The city council did not vote on a change Thursday, but there were some different opinions on what should happen.

City staff will review all of the feedback and bring it back to the council. Some members want to see the changes get started as soon as this summer.