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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People living in the Tyler Run community have been upset about the recent increase in violent crimes along Randleman Road, and they plan to work with city leaders and police to find ways to stop it before it gets worse. 

Community leader Michael J. Hinson held a community meeting at the Hemphill Branch Library on Monday to talk about viable solutions to the recent crimes and what can be done as a community to stop them. 

“We got to come together and help organize and try and help solve our problem of Randleman Road,” Hinson said. 

The meeting got the attention of representatives from the Greensboro Police Department, City transportation and code enforcement. 

City Councilwoman Sharon Hightower said the need for more lights and cameras along Randleman Road could be a solution to help reduce crime. Community members say more police patrolling the area would also help. 

“We need PD presence around in the neighborhood. Also, neighbors being aware, community, business talking to each other and just being aware,” Hinson said. 


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Hinson said if people see more officers patrolling the area, people would be less likely to commit a crime. 

In the last month, there have been two bank robberies on Randleman Road, Wells Fargo and Truist bank along with several shootings. The latest shooting ended with two people shot in a parking lot

Hinson said the plan is to have more meetings to produce solid plans with police and city officials on what can be put in place before someone else gets hurt.