GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s been five months since flames covered the Greensboro sky along Lawndale Drive.

The flames are out, but the hurt and damage from that day remain.

“You kind of get used to it, to be honest, but it’s not great,” Star Taylor said. 

She moved into the Somerset Village Condominiums a few months ago after a fire ravaged building 5004.

Now every person living in the small complex sees charred plywood, busted windows and a collapsed roof each time they step outside of their door.

“There’s curtains … You can see other things that have fallen out because of the fire, and it’s really sad seeing it,” Taylor said.

Nothing on the property has changed for five months. Neighbors like Taylor and many others our crews spoke to Wednesday want to know when things will change.

“Honestly, I’m surprised it’s still intact because it’s rained on us a ton of times. There’s been plenty of wind and storms,” Taylor said. “I’m continuously shocked about the lack of communication from anyone about it.” 

FOX8 reached out to an attorney representing the homeowner’s association who tells us the building will more than likely be demolished. They’re waiting for the insurance company to provide their adjustment before they move forward.

In the meantime, code enforcement officers tell us since a fence secures the property, it is not a public safety hazard. They currently have 13 open and active cases within the building. 

An inspector rides by the property twice a month to check for changes, but communication between the city and HOA has been limited.

It’s left neighbors and the people who used to live in the building in limbo.

“It makes me especially sad knowing people left everything here, and they haven’t been able to see if anything is salvageable,” Taylor said.


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FOX8 spoke to a handful of former tenants who say they would like the opportunity to peek inside and see if they can salvage anything.

An attorney for the HOA tells FOX8 it’s unlikely it will be safe enough for people to go near the building and look for any belongings. 

They are expecting an update from the insurance company in the next seven to 10 days then they’ll have a more definite timeline for the next steps.