GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro residents say they see piles of trash, broken glass, metal in the middle of the road and wrecked vehicles lining the street when they drive down Goldsboro Street in east Greensboro.

FOX8 saw the debris and wanted to know if this was allowed under city code standards.  

According to city code, any car that is considered junk and can’t move on it’s own cannot be parked on the city street.

FOX8 spoke to other business owners in the area who try to avoid Goldsboro Street for fear they’ll run over glass and other car parts and ruin their vehicle. One woman shared she just wants the area cleaned up to attract more business to her store.

“This corridor used to be famous for having the vehicles back up all the way to the street line, and that’s something we’re trying to rectify,” Code Compliance Manager Larry Roberts said. “It can create a traffic hazard where injuries and accidents have occurred.”

Roberts said his team has been out to the area before when the problem was even worse.

On Tuesday, our crews drove the quarter mile between Sullivan Street and Webb Street and spotted vehicle after vehicle with flat tires, busted windshields and no tags. We spotted a team using a forklift to move one SUV.

After speaking with Roberts, he sent three officers out to survey the problem adn said they did not have any active complaints or investigations but know how quickly the issue of junk cars can spread.

Officers walked the street sticking bright orange tags on junk cars and trying to educate people about the problem and see if they can help create a solution. Car owners agreed to move their vehicles quickly.

Roberts encourages any Greensboro citizen with a question to reach out to their office. They do not actively survey areas and run off complaints and tips from citizens.

His officers are planning to come back to the area and check on the tagged cars. If they aren’t moved, they’ll be towed to the city lot.

“You kind of want to get a grasp on it. You don’t want one street to get away from you, and the other street gets away from you, so it’s kind of just go ahead and eliminate the problem,” Roberts said.