GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People in the Triad came together like never before for one small Greensboro church.

Vandalia Presbyterian Church thought hope was lost after thieves stole nearly a thousand dollars worth of food from their food pantry at the end of October.

Now, the church is thanking the community that came together when they needed them, and saying that the crime might have been a big blessing.

“It just gives us hope that the world is a good place,” VPC volunteer Judy Mays said.

Vandalia Presbyterian Church has 23 members and thought that they might have to close the doors of their food pantry after the crime. The rising cost of feed had cleared their shelves, and then nearly all the meat they had was stolen.

“Vandals broke into Vandalia seeking to break the spirit of their food ministry, seeking to break the bank of their food ministry, and God said I’ve got other ideas,” the pastor said on Sunday.

Since the day of that break-in, 13 businesses and more than seven sister churches heard Vandalia Presbyterian’s story and felt called to help. Volunteers saw countless individuals drop of bags of food to help stock the shelves.

“One was a young lady who had been a foster child and she had been a recipient of our food pantry, she was homeless, and we had helped her years ago and she collected enough money to buy 20 bags of food,” Mays said.

“It’s changed a lot of people’s lives, it’s gone basically all over the country. We get checks and phone calls from people in other states,” said Lynn Gardner, another volunteer.

They’ve collected almost $30,000 dollars in donations. They’ve also been able to hear about more people in the community who need their help.

“We’ve found out about people like a guy that lives by himself, that has cancer his sister called from another state and said my brother really needs some help, so we got food together and went to his apartment,” said Gardner.

They’re focused on helping more people through their food pantry and community closet now.

“All things come together good for those who believe in the lord and I definitely think that’s what happened here and whoever broke into the church we should probably thank them,” Gardner said.

The food pantry at Vandalia Presbyterian Church is open on Wednesday from 9 until noon if you’d like to drop off donations or talk to the volunteers about assistance.