GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro’s city council unanimously approved an ordinance that lays out guidelines for short-term rentals.

The ordinance is similar to other cities like Asheville and Wilmington but it has one big exception that could be challenged down the road.

Dozens of people attended the meeting where the short-term rental ordinance was approved with many wearing “say no to unlimited Airbnbs” stickers in support of strong measures.

Right now, the city has no way of knowing exactly how many short-term rentals there are in Greensboro, but now they will have to register.

Under the ordinance, the owners have to be living in the county or a nearby county or have someone easily reachable for guests. And if someone breaks the rules with a loud party, too many cars or littering, the owner is responsible. New short-term rentals would also have to be 750 feet apart. People from both sides spoke out.

“Neighborhoods are for residents, and so I want the strictest possible regulations on short term rentals,” said Greensboro resident JT Jobe.

He expressed concerns about strangers around his family if a short-term rental were near him.

“I am just new at this, and it has tremendously helped me out with the things I need to support my income, and I would like it to stay as it is,” said Karen Douglas, a Greensboro flight attendant and short-term rental owner.

The part that could be challenged is the distance requirement.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan says mandating rentals be 750 feet apart could be considered a cap, which has already been deemed illegal in the state after a challenge in Wilmington.


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“We have heard you loud and clear that you want that distance requirement, and we are willing to take that risk by doing the distance requirement but knowing that could come back and be claimed as a cap,” Vaughan said.

The ordinance is not set in stone and could be modified in the future.

There is no current policy for how future short-term-rental hopefuls would get selected if they are within that 750-foot range.