GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Treybrooke Village Apartments is paying to right a wrong after a Greensboro family’s home was mistakenly cleaned out and thousands of dollars worth of possessions were junked.

Their apartment complex, Treybrooke Village Apartments, hired a third-party contractor, Junkyard Dogs, to clear out and junk items in an apartment, but there was a mix-up.

“The apartment was a P instead of a T,” Joy Ojo said through an interpreter on Monday; Joy and her husband are both deaf. “They made a mistake and took all of our stuff without any authorization.”

That mistake meant that, on Dec. 5, Joy and her family’s beds were taken and thousands of dollars in belongings were destroyed.

Treybrooke Village Apartments, which is owned by RE Carroll Management, issued the following statement on Tuesday, revealing that the company has given the family money to help the family through this loss.

As you are aware, our senior managers met with Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola at the Treybrooke Apartments today.  An interpreter with signing capabilities was also present to aid in communications.   We paid cash to the residents today that is $1,000 more than the amount we were initially informed they were damaged by the error in thrashing out certain items from their unit.  Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola are valued tenants.  We requested that they stay in touch with us if further assistance is needed and to let us know if they discover other lost or damaged items or costs incurred.   We regret this error occurred and take responsibility to ensure a full resolution of this matter for Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola.     


On Dec. 5 when Joy came home from picking up her kids from school, she saw a Junkyard Dogs truck on Teakwood Drive filled with all of her items: mattresses, chairs, clothes, valuables and important documents.

“My husband and I were really shocked. We looked up, and they’re taking out all our things,” Joy Ojo said. “The landlord said … ‘I made a mistake. They were supposed to go to a different apartment and not your place.'”

Their manager told us the employee was given the key to the wrong unit. No one at Treybrooke Village Apartments or The Carroll Companies would go on camera.

In days after the mix-up, the family of four was left sleeping on the floor.

“The junkyard company provided us one night in the hotel, so we went to sleep in the hotel,” Joy said.

Joy is hurt by what happened. Her kids have nothing, and she lost items that are priceless to her family.

“Everything was damaged,” she said.

Non-profits and the police department have also given the family some help.

The Ojos filed a police report, and they are reviewing all their legal options.

The Ojo family has a GoFundMe.


In an initial statement on Friday, Paul Sidam, regional property manager with RE Carroll Management, said the mix-up was not the fault of Treybrooke Village, instead placing the blame on the contractor.

We appreciate you reaching out to Treybrooke Village Apartments about the matter involving certain items being trashed out of  Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola’s unit.  Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola are valued tenants, and we take this matter seriously.  We understand that Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola have been frustrated and inconvenienced as a result of having some of their belongings thrown out.  However, we do not feel that Treybrooke Village is at fault in this matter, as it was a third party contractor that committed the error in trashing out the wrong unit.  We have given Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola the contractor’s name and information, and are informed that the contractor has reached out to them to try and resolve the matter.  That said, we remain involved and are working to help resolve the issue. We are hopeful that this matter will be fully resolved very soon.

Late Monday afternoon, Cameron Sieradzan of The Carroll Companies shared an updated statement, recognizing that “mistakes were made.”

We are in contact with Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola and are actively working to settle this matter.  As you are likely aware, there are some language barriers involving Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola which makes things a bit more complicated.  That said, we believe we will be able to come to an amicable resolution with Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola which will make them whole.  We acknowledge mistakes were made, and we are committed to making this right.  

We will update Fox 8 News once we have had a chance to meet with Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola using the services of a sign language interpreter.  

In the latest statement issued Tuesday, included above in full, the complex accepts “responsibility to ensure a full resolution of this matter.” The company paid the family based on the sum that the complex was initially told that the family had lost, plus an additional $1,000. That payment came with an offer for additional help if needed.