GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A grandmother has been arrested and charged after her two-year-old granddaughter died from “non-accidental trauma,” according to police, and warrants reveal more details about the arrest.

Rubie Charlottelette Thomas (Greensboro Police Department)

According to police, they responded to Oferrell Street on a medical call. When they got to the scene, they found a two-year-old girl suffering from apparent cardiac arrest.

The child was declared dead on arrival at an area hospital and medical staff and detectives saw what they believed were signs of child abuse.

The family victims unit began investigating, and a press release from Greensboro Police Department says they believed that the little girl suffered “non-accidental” trauma in the care of her grandmother, Rubie Thomas, on April 1.

Warrants go into more detail about the incident. The documents allege that Thomas committed “an assault that resulted in serious bodily injury” to the little girl, including “rib fractures, over 50 contusions, abrasion on back of left leg, injuries to face, lacerations in mouth, multiple hemorrhaging to scalp, hemorrhaging to top of head, hemorrhaging to skull, bleeding on the brain, bleeding on brain covering, bleeding on brain surface, bleeding around spinal cord, bleeding on the inside of the eyes, hemorrhaging around ribs, bruised intestines, bruising on top of chest, small hemorrhaging in the back.”

“At the time the defendant inflicted the injury the defendant was providing care for the child as Grandmother,” the warrants state.

On Thursday, prosecutors said in court that the victim’s 5-year-old brother told them that the 2-year-old was beaten more than once by their grandmother and that she would give them what he called “fire medicine.” It’s unclear what “fire medicine” refers to, but it was described as a red liquid.

The victim’s grandfather, John McCain, told FOX8 that he would never have expected this.

“Never in my life would I have suspected that or something like this would’ve happened because if we had known that we would’ve took her ourselves and raised her,” he said.

The victim’s siblings, two young boys, are now living with McCain.

“Whatever happens to her, whatever happens in court is not bad enough,” McCain said. “Its not as bad as what she did to that little girl, little girl who couldn’t take up for herself. She couldn’t even run or do nothing.”

On April 26, police arrested Thomas and charged her with first-degree murder and felony child abuse.