GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It could be days before we know the cause of the fire, which killed two children and severely injured a mother.

The plan is for investigators to return this weekend to examine the fire damage again.

FOX8 looked into past calls to the home. Over the past year, police have been called here 12 times, mostly for custody issues and domestic disputes.

The fire Thursday morning is what really hit people in the neighborhood hard.

“I cried,” said Bita McGill, who lives across the street. “My husband cried. We were like please, please just get the kids out.”

Three-year-old Cash Whitaker is one of the two children who died in the fire.

“He brightened all of our days,” said Tysha Goodman, his cousin. “He was a true bundle of joy.”

People living in the area often saw Cash playing outside with his dog, which also died in the fire.

“To lose someone that young, at that age, in this way, it’s horrifying,” said Goodman.

On Friday morning, people dropped off balloons, flowers, toys and candles outside the home to remember the young boys.

FOX8’s Caroline Bowyer talked to the father of the other three-year-old who didn’t survive the flames. He wasn’t ready to talk about what happened.

As for the adult who made it, she is in critical condition in a local hospital.

Investigators have not been able to find any smoke detectors in the home. They spent four hours out there Friday afternoon.

Greensboro Code Enforcement does not have any open cases for 1823 Glenside Drive or a history of violations on the property.