GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A mother was shot and killed in Greensboro while inside her home.

We got a closer look at the chain of events outlined in arrest warrants explaining what prompted a father to fire a weapon which ended up prompting an Amber Alert many of you received around 6 p.m. Thursday.

The man police say is responsible is 23-year-old Deon Monk.

Authorities say he took his 9-month-old from his mother’s arms after hitting her and shooting at her.

The bullets did not hit her. Instead, one went into a home and killed a mother holding her 4-year-old twins.

“She is literally half of me. It feels surreal. Knowing I can’t go home and her being there. It hurts more that she had literally nothing to do with the situation,” said Levelle Johnson, Sharelle Johnson’s twin brother.

He says part of him is gone after losing his 25-year-old twin sister.

The mother was on her bed Thursday afternoon with her children when police say a custody battle between a couple outside her apartment complex ended with a gun being fired.

One of the bullets hit Sharelle in the head.

“For her to be sitting in the house and still be in danger makes no sense,” Levelle said.

He tells FOX8 he left the home he shares with his twin minutes before the bullet entered their home.

“She’s only 25…it’s unbelievable,” Levelle said. “It could have been anybody else on the complex.”

Court documents confirm Monk fired a handgun outside the apartment complex on Phillips Avenue and put multiple lives in danger.

Royal Roach, Kay’son’s grandfather, held the baby who was at the center of the Amber Alert and thanked God he was not injured beyond a bruise or two.

“Once he fell…with my grandson, I’ll try to go run up and take the gun out of his hand, but he got up quicker,” he said.

That’s when police say Monk drove off with the child.

Authorities tracked him and the 9-month-old down in Harnett County more than 12 hours after they left the complex on Thursday afternoon.

“This guilt he says that he has. He is going to feel that for the rest of his life. He is going to feel it. No matter how sorry he is, justice needs to be served for Sharelle. It needs to be served. The purpose of a gun is for protection not to just go out and just shoot and kill. This has to stop, and it has to stop somewhere,” said Arelne Johnson-Frye, Sharelle’s sister.

Sharelle’s family has not been back to the apartments since the shooting.

They tell FOX8 it’s too hard, and they don’t know if they can ever come back.

Sharelle’s family started a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral costs and to help support her twin 4-year-olds she left behind.