GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Faith leaders in the Piedmont Triad addressed the Supreme Court vote giving states the power to ban abortions during their Sunday services.

No matter the side these pastors were on, they all agreed we have work to do following the landmark ruling.

The pastors FOX8 spoke with said there’s a tension between the faith they live and the laws they live under. Some believe it’s what God would want, and others are not so sure.

Pastor Brandon Ware at Green Street Baptist Church in High Point explained why this change is a positive one.

“Being pro-life, we believe that life is precious and sacred and that human life is valuable,” he said. “Every human life is precious because human life is made in the image of God.”

Pastor Ware explained to his congregation how they will need to help support people in this new situation.

“One thing we want to do is provide resources through generosity, sacrificial giving to promote foster care and adoption and I think the church has an opportunity especially in light of the ruling to really lead in this time,” he said.

Right now, the ruling has no impact on North Carolina. For now, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has vowed to veto any bills restricting abortion access.

The senior pastor at Trinity AME Zion Church in Greensboro worries about how the ruling will affect members of his congregation.

“If this is going to disproportionately affect people of color and women then we need to question it, we need to challenge it, we need to resist,” said Daran Mitchell.

Mitchell does not agree with a law leading to abortion bans in other states.

“If it does not benefit the whole, if it segments and sections off people and robs people of abundant life and privileges that we have been so given by God, then we have to question, we have the right to question whether or not this is godly,” said the pastor.

Both pastors know this is a discussion that needs to go beyond one worship service.

“The struggle will continue and we can’t just talk this Sunday,” said Mitchell. “We have to keep talking.”

Pastor Ware looks forward to helping where he can.

“There will be a lot of hurting families that the church will have an opportunity to love on in Jesus name and so we hope to do that,” he said.

The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte recognized the Supreme Court ruling could result in an increase in women traveling to our state for an abortion. In a statement, he said, “we must also intensify our advocacy for laws that will put an end to the practice of abortion. Ultimately, we as a society must finally recognize, as science confirms, that life begins at the moment of conception, and that this is really a civil rights issue involving the right to life for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn child.”

The bishop invited everyone to join him in praying for the conversion of hearts, so our communities come together to protect and support both mother and child at every stage of life.