GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — We all want the perfect spot. For some it’s a close one, for others, it’s a place where no one is around, in Downtown Greensboro, it’s about finding one.

City leaders want to make changes to parking options, the biggest one is adding spaces. On Friday, we could see cars circling and searching for a spot. “Probably about 15 minutes has been the longest I think,” said Tracey Hedricklassiter, who said she had to take a lap before finding a spot.

And even if you find a good spot, you can’t stay there all day, because of time limits on the meters.  “2 hours downtown is really not enough, if you have to wait at a restaurant or even walking through the museum, 2 hours isn’t really going to cut it,” said Meeka Lewis who was in town, visiting Greensboro.

You can stay in the parking decks longer and they cost $1 an hour with a maximum charge for the day at $10. But you have to know where to find the parking decks. “I think as out of town perspective, even the parking structures aren’t easily identifiable,” said Ebony Kirkendoll, who was visiting Greensboro.

Those parking pain points are what City of Greensboro transportation leaders want to hear when people fill out this downtown parking survey through May 26. “There has been a lot of changes obviously coming out of the covid pandemic, there is a lot of people working from home and we just want to make sure that our system promotes economic development, convenient, sustainable for the long term,” said Stephen Carter from the department of transportation at the city of Greensboro.

The survey asks basic questions about where you park, how often, what time of day and how things can be improved. One area transportation leaders know is an issue, is the south end of downtown. “If you are downtown on the south end on Thursday or Friday evening it is very crowded, it is difficult to find parking so anything we can do to help that situation, we are interested in,” Carter said.

The transportation team is willing to consider all options to help and stop you from driving in circles. If you have suggestions, the survey is here for citizens and here for business owners.