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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Auto repair bills are piling up for people in the Triad after driving through metal debris scattered across I-840.

It happened Wednesday night.

Malcom Murphy was 10 minutes from his house when he spotted four cars with blinking hazards on the side of the highway.

He merged towards the other side of the road and then saw pieces of metal in his lane.

“Once I came up on that, it was hard to swerve because it was last minute,” Murphy said.

Murphy tells FOX8 that one of the pieces was the rim of a tire with some tire still connected. He couldn’t tell what the other smaller pieces were from.

He guesses they fell out of a truck or trailer.

Three other drivers called 911 after their cars hit the debris, telling the dispatcher people were still driving over the area.

“Tractor trailers were coming, and more oncoming traffic was coming. They were all hitting it, and it was just spreading out,” Murphy said.


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Now Murphy is looking at a $1,100 tab and a day off work to get the damage fixed.

He tells FOX8 he isn’t mad at the driver but just frustrated the debris caused so much damage.

An NCDOT worker near the area today tells FOX8 he responds to three or four calls in the Greensboro area every day.