GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro family that needed a Christmas miracle got one.

The Salvation Army and the Greensboro Police Department delivered gifts to the Ojo family, who lost their belongings when their apartment was cleaned out after a mix-up at the Treybrooke Village Apartments in early December.

“The apartment was a P instead of a T,” Joy Ojo told FOX8 through an interpreter; Joy and her husband are both deaf. “They made a mistake and took all of our stuff without any authorization.”

On Dec. 5 when Joy came home from picking up her kids from school, she saw a Junkyard Dogs truck on Teakwood Drive filled with all of her items: mattresses, chairs, clothes, valuables and important documents.

“My husband and I were really shocked. We looked up, and they’re taking out all our things,” Joy Ojo said. “The landlord said … ‘I made a mistake. They were supposed to go to a different apartment and not your place.'”

In days after the mix-up, the family of four was left sleeping on the floor.

RE Carroll Management, who owns Treybrooke Village, gave the Ojos a check to help with the loss of their belongings, though they say it doesn’t cover everything lost.

RE Carroll Management and Treybrooke Village have the following statement to FOX8:

“We regret and take responsibility for the mistakes that have been made. Mr. Ojo and Mrs. Akinola are valued residents, and senior management was on foot within hours of learning of the incident. At the time of the occurrence, the items were available for reclaiming, but that opportunity was declined. As part of our efforts, the family accepted reimbursement in an amount greater than what was initially informed as damages. Additionally, we offered to move them into a larger apartment at no additional cost, and on December 23, we offered a truckload of wrapped presents for the entire family to enjoy. We are staying in touch so if further assistance is needed, we are aware and can act accordingly. Again, we regret this error and remain committed to resolving this matter to the satisfaction of the family.”

After receiving the gifts from the Salvation Army and GPD, the Ojos said they were grateful to not have to sleep on the floor anymore.

The Ojo family has a GoFundMe.