GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The loved ones of Natasha Walker are angry at the man police say shot and killed the 32-year-old.

The suspect is in a hospital bed with critical injuries, but that didn’t stop Greensboro police from charging Vashon Sigler, 48, with murder.

FOX8 is getting a clearer picture of Sigler’s violent past. A dozen pages of court records detail Sigler violated domestic violence orders, carried a gun as a convicted felon and stalked and beat a woman.

One of Walker’s closest friends told FOX8 the mother was trying to protect a woman who was afraid of Sigler, and it ended up putting Walker in danger.

“You took a very important part of us,” said Ingram Bell, one of Walker’s closest friends. “You took a part of the community that was so much needed. “

Nine days after Walker was shot in her car near the intersection of Cridland Road and Wendover Avenue, the pain has turned into purpose. That purpose is to protect domestic violence victims.

“He violated his 50B and was given a bond,” Bell said. “It’s more of those type of conversations and serious conversations because this was an egregious act.”

Bell, who heads up the Gate City Coalition non-profit to stop gun violence, told FOX8 Sigler was involved in a domestic violence situation, and Walker tried to help the victim.

“It’s disheartening to think that doing the work and trying to save women and help women get out of certain situations, that the repercussions could be death,” Bell said.

Guilford County court documents show that between Feb. and Nov. 2021, the 48-year-old assaulted a woman, fired shots into her apartment and left her family fearing for their safety.

“I’m angry because I feel like the system failed her,” Bell said. “The system failed women. Period.”

In a news release, Greensboro police said the alleged shooter was also a victim in the Jan. 1 tragedy. Officers said a vehicle hit Sigler shortly after Walker was shot.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sigler learned of his murder charges while in a hospital bed with critical injuries.

“A breath of fresh air, knowing that he won’t be out here to do this to anybody else, and that women will be safe from his wrath,” Bell said.

Bell says she will do everything she can to see Sigler stay locked up, including attending every court hearing he has.

“I will be there front and center, wearing her picture on our shirts because she was our light,” she said.

In May, Bell will host a scholarship luncheon in honor of Walker as a way to help others and highlight the heart Walker had for our community.

“I love you and this year, baby, we’re going to do it for you,” Bell said.

Walker’s family and friends will gather for a wake Friday evening at McLaurin Funeral Home in Reidsville. Her funeral service will be Saturday afternoon at St. Thomas Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church in Greensboro.