GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Topgolf is coming to Greensboro.

It’s a project three years in the making. On Tuesday night, the Greensboro City Council unanimously approved a reimbursement agreement for a new sewer line at the future site on Guilford College Road and Bridford Parkway.

The Topgolf will sit on eight acres. People across the city are looking forward to the day they’ll have this attraction in their backyard.

“We always have to drive to Charlotte or Raleigh or to other places to get to go to Topgolf, and now we can do it in our own neighborhood,” said Jessica Wheeler, who lives in Greensboro.

Wheeler and her friend Erin Atkinson are driving to Charlotte to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Topgolf this weekend. Soon, they won’t have to make that trip.

“For people our age, Greensboro is kind of limited on different places to go and different kinds of venues,” Atkinson said. “We have a lot of the same. But this will be something different that’ll also be more active.”

The city council has been working on the project since 2019 when they targeted Topgolf to come to the city. A wooded area off Guilford College Road will be the site of the Piedmont Triad’s first golf driving range game.

Councilwoman Tammi Thurm, who represents the district where the site is located, told FOX8 it’s a piece of land that has had challenges with homeless camps.

“This is a really big step for District 5, and it will really help an area that has teetered really quite honestly on being a problem area,” Thurm said.

People throughout Greensboro share the same excitement

“This is just something that is going to be something that will check all those boxes for adults, for kids, for families, for date nights,” said James Hines, who lives about five minutes from the site.

Students at UNC Greensboro are looking forward to having a new hangout spot.

“I think it’s cool,” said Timothy Trinidad, who attends the university. “Students can go out on weekends and play golf, eat wings.”

The city council is hopeful this will be a continuation of great things headed to the Triad.

“We’ve talked for months and months about Boom and Toyota and Syngenta,” Councilman Hugh Holston said. “All the ones who are coming, the ones who are staying. And I’ve always said that they’re not just coming to work. They’re bringing their families with them, and this is just going to be another step in the momentum of what’s happening in Greensboro.”

The city council said there are also plans to build a hotel and other entertainment venues on this property.

FOX8 is still working to learn a timeline of when these projects could start and be completed.