GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — $135 Million is the total amount in bond funds that Greensboro voters will be asked to approve later this month for a variety of city projects.

The city wants to put that money into five major categories: road construction, parks and recreation, police and fire facilities and housing.

If voters approve all five bond referendums, city leaders say it will likely mean an increase in property tax to repay the debt.

Five Bond referendums will appear on the ballot for Greensboro voters on July 26.

The largest amount would be $70 million for parks and recreation projects.

The projects would include more upgrades to the Battleground Park District which includes the Greensboro Science Center.

However, a large portion of the Parks and Recreation bond, $50 million, will be set aside for the Windsor Chavis Community Center in Nocho Park off East Gate City Blvd.

Another bond referendum would provide $30 million to create affordable housing and help make home ownership easier.

The third and fourth referendums would fund improvements to facilities for firefighters and police.

$14 million will be set aside for upgrading fire stations in areas where the city is growing.

A $6 million referendum will pay for renovations of the Greensboro Police Department’s headquarters and improve the department’s 911 and records center.

The last referendum would be $15 million for transportation projects. The funds would mainly add or improve sidewalks, streets and public transportation.

All these projects will come with a price tag.

The city would likely need to raise the property tax rate by 1.25 cents per $100 of valuation to repay the debt, according to the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer. The projects are on the July 26 ballot for registered Greensboro city voters.

If approved, some projects could begin later this year.

The City plans to complete all projects within a seven-to-nine-year time span.