GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A huge classic car auction is happening this weekend in Greensboro.

If you’ve got dreams of owning something beautiful and vintage, Friday and Saturday you can visit 301 Norwalk Street in Greensboro for the GAA Classic Car Auction. It starts at 9:30 a.m.

If you’d just like to see the cars, there are general admission tickets available at the gate, but anyone who wants to bid on one of the hundreds of rare classic cars does need to register beforehand.

Brad’s Picks

Brad Jones visited the auction and decided to find something to match each of his morning co-anchors. In the video player above, you can see all four of his picks!

For Jordan Brown…

The unique, stylish Bentley Continental GTC convertible!

It definitely fulfills Jordan’s need for speed with a lot of luxury to spare, with lots of cylinders and an incredible interior.

For Melissa Painter…

What do you pick for someone like Melissa? An iconic vehicle with lots of space for the kids is the only choice: the Volkswagen Van! There will be room for the girls and plenty of space for all the Demon Deac tailgating.

The color scheme might need to swap to her beloved Wake Forest, but…that’s easy.

For Emily Byrd…

You have to go classic…but unique. A Plymouth Superbird for the super Byrd.

It wasn’t a showroom hit when it originally came out, but now it’s a collectible that people scramble for! The Byrd has gotta fly, and with this show-stopper, she’d be flying high.

For Cindy Farmer…

For Cindy, our pick is a newer choice, but still just as unique. An adventurous car for one of our most adventurous morning anchors: the Panther Watercar. It’s built off a Jeep, but it’s fully amphibious! So if Cindy wants to do some laps on the beach, she can also take a bit of a boat ride, too.

To learn more about the GAA Classic Car auction, visit their website! You can even watch the auction online, if you can’t make it up there in person.