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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Boom Supersonic founder and CEO Blake Scholl stopped to talk to FOX8 about the future of manufacturing in the Triad ahead of President Biden’s visit to Greensboro.

“I love the fact that we are building a supersonic renaissance right where the first airplane was flown,” Scholl said.

Boom Supersonic announced in January that Greensboro would be the home for the company’s new supersonic commercial airline manufacturing facility.

The company is expected to break ground in the next few months and start hiring workers next year.

“We believe in making long-term decisions. We want to be here for decades, if not centuries to come and that means we need to be investing in future talent,” Scholl said.

Leaders couldn’t give the exact salary range Boom employees could see, but they said there will be high-paying positions for all skill levels.

They will also offer 200 internship spots for students looking at a future in aviation just like the one Scholl had at the start of his career.

“There’s tons of emerging talent here in the Triad, and we want to give those people great early career experiences to go on and be the leaders of the future,” Scholl said.

The company has contracts with United Airlines and the United States Airforce and expects additional partnerships as soon as manufacturing starts.

“Imagine a Seal team anywhere on the planet to respond to a crisis in under 10 hours. These are, I think, now we realize more important than ever, abilities for this country to have,” Scholl said.

According to Scholl, the goal is to make supersonic flight accessible and sustainable.

The company will keep its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.