GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The Blind Tiger is no longer in business on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro. Instead, a new sign reading Hangar 1819 hangs outside the building.

FOX8 spoke to the new owner about the vision for the business. He shared he is finalizing details for leasing the space this week and once that’s complete he will share his plans.

Business owners in the area worry Hangar 1819 could be more of the same.

“We’re all wanting a vibrant nightlife, but I think we all understand what that means and what it doesn’t mean, but The Blind Tiger is not on the scale of what we want,” said Jason Austin with Fidelity Realty.

The business sits across the street from what was The Blind Tiger. Over the phone, he explained the problem he had with the former business.

“The bands they bring in are not the problem, it’s the after-hours parties that go on that start and eleven, twelve o’clock and go until two, three, four in the morning,” said Austin. “I have some properties on Spring Garden Street that nobody wants to rent because of its location and proximity to The Blind Tiger.”

The new owner of Hangar 1819 tells FOX8 they are not planning to host after-hours parties. He said they are a concert venue, not a club.

City officials have expressed concerns over late-night spots.

“We’re noticing a lot of two to six clubs, they’re almost like an after-party where the clubs are not allowed to serve alcohol, but people can continue to go to these places,” said Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan.

City leaders have not considered any new safety ordinances since 19-year-old Pedro Alegria lost his life in a shooting outside The Blind Tiger in August.

“People live here, families live here, this is not the kind of behavior and actions people want to see in their neighborhoods,” said Austin.

FOX8 spoke to Alegria’s cousin about the name and ownership change. She told us a new name and ownership is not enough to change what they are going through.

A spokesperson for the ABC Commission explained they recently received a request for a Hangar 1819 liquor license. Agents are reviewing the request and working to verify the new endeavor is not linked to The Blind Tiger.