GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It isn’t a matter of if but when for hundreds of Greensboro natives who have begun to rediscover their love for the Gate City after having spent years living in another city.

Since late 2020, the city has seen around 200 people move back to the city with the Greensboro Boomerang Project.

The project started during the pandemic as a way to attract people who grew up in the city but moved away and have now begun to explore the option to move back.

“Our interest is to bring talent back to Greensboro,” said Action Greensboro leader Cecilia Thompson.

At the time, the city had seen a few dozen “boomerangs” with roughly 70 people who had begun to explore that possibility.

In March of 2022, not only have 200 or so people moved back, but 300 people have contacted the city about the possibility of being a “boomerang,” and around 100 people are in the process of doing so now.

“Get people here being active in the community. Not just living here,” said Candance Martin, a coordinator for the project.

The city has begun to also change its selling points to get people to choose Greensboro.

Recently, Action Greensboro, which operates the project, began to send out pamphlets to compare the cost of housing, groceries, child care and how far salaries can go in Greensboro compared to the cities they lived in; the biggest ones being Atlanta, Washington D.C., Denver, New York City and California.

Elijah Cone, a recent “boomerang,” told FOX8 the cost of living was a big selling point for him and his fiance.

Cone moved from Greensboro 12 years ago and most recently lived in L.A. He moved back in December with the idea of being closer to family, and friends who have also become “boomerangs” themselves.

“People your age that you know just makes it that much more of a welcoming place. I’m not here because of [Boom Supersonic/Toyota Center] but what those things brought in terms of people,” he said.

Action Greensboro representatives told FOX8 they have begun to put more emphasis on targeting those who work from home because of the ease at which they can pick up and move to the city.