GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A fire was reported in Greensboro at the Somerset Village Condominiums on Friday evening.

Fire crews are on the scene of the housing complex in the 5400 block of Lawndale Drive near Regents Park Lane and Cottage Place.

Fire officials say a problem they encountered was a leaking natural gas meter that fueled the flames. It is unclear what caused the leak or sparked the flames.

“Right now, we are not really sure. We have the investigator out here now. We do know that once we cut those gas meters off, it still had a gas-fed fire that was up in the attic, and it was very difficult to extinguish that fire because it was gas fed,” said Dwayne Church, who oversees the Emergency Services branch of the Greensboro Fire Department. ‘Once…that residual gas exited those lines, we were able to extinguish that fire in the attic. It did spread throughout the structure…we are on the first level of the structure, and we are going in and checking for those hidden fires.”

Church says fire officials believe the fire started up in the attic and worked down.

 “It looks like…the entire apartment is going to be destroyed,” Church said.

Some people were home when the building caught fire.

There have been no reports of injuries at this time.

Lawndale Drive was closed in both directions between Regents Park Lane and Cottage Place.

The Red Cross says they are assisting roughly 25 people and still trying to make contact with all in need of assistance in the complex.