GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Excitement was in the air as college freshmen started to move in at North Carolina A&T State University.

Thousands of students and their families hauled in carloads of items to set up their rooms in residence halls Saturday. For hours, the area was busy with traffic as new students and their families made several trips in and out of the dorms. Some new students didn’t get this same experience.

“Knowing that this is the place I’m going to spend the next four years including this one of my college career is nice,” said Spencer Redmond, who moved into his dorm at NC A&T State University Saturday.

Redmond and his friend Alex Mitchell embraced their first moments as college students.

“I know everybody wants to come and enjoy the campus life,” said Mitchell.

Hundreds of their classmates had a different move-in experience.

“I just don’t know how long I’m going to be staying here,” said Laniya Henderson, who’s moving into the hotel from Chicago. “That’s my main issue.”

Henderson wanted to be an Aggie, but not one of the 100 freshmen who had to move into temporary housing at the Drury Inn more than five miles away from campus.

“I don’t want to stay here forever,” said Henderson.

This is how the university is handling a high housing demand parents have called FOX8 about for months.

“I’m going to be proactive and be in the housing office everyday trying to get a dorm on campus so I don’t have to shuttle back and forth,” said Henderson.

Figuring out transportation, adjusting to a new city and trying to make new friends adds pressure on these kids.

“Then trying to learn where classes are and then learning about trying to get comfortable with first life experiences in college,” said Jer’Asia Alston, a freshman from South Carolina.

They know in the back of their mind this living situation is not permanent. At some point in the school year, they will move on-campus as space opens.

“Since I’m out of state my parents won’t be with me, so I’ll have to most likely get help from campus and it’s going to be a lot going on,” said Alston.

While they’re settling in a little differently, they aren’t going to let it get the best of them.

“I am really excited, especially coming from a different state this is something I was looking forward to,” said Alston.

Their classmates on campus know they lucked out.

“It’s a hard thing,” said Redmon. “Obviously everybody wants to be on campus.”

FOX8 crews checked in with the university Saturday and learned the plan is for all students to be out of the hotel and in on-campus housing by Labor Day. We’re told the housing office will help any student with moving when the time comes.