GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Friday night football scrimmage, turned into a chaotic scene for parents and students in Guilford County. Greensboro police charged two juveniles for having guns at a football scrimmage at Dudley High School.

It happened at the end of the annual jamboree, the final matchup of the night was between Dudley and Mount Tabor. Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools tell FOX8 they don’t believe their students were involved. But it’s unclear if the juveniles fighting were Dudley High School students.


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“I need a couple of officers to Dudley’s football stadium. There are some students that are out here fighting,” said a person during a 911 call. There were a few calls about the scary situation unfolding at Dudley High School stadium.

“There is a jamboree that is happening currently and some students are underneath, like, a restroom area, and they started fighting and having an altercation,” said another 911 caller.

It all happened just before 8:30 p.m. Friday night.

“There is a lot of people running in the parking lot, and someone said they heard shots fired. There seems to be a lot of fights,” said a caller. “I never heard any shots. I just heard somebody else say that they heard gunshots.”

Greensboro police say they did not find any evidence that shots were fired, but there were several fights going on.

“They said there is approximately six subjects, males and females, and they are calming down now,” Guilford Metro Dispatch said to officers responding.

911 callers said fighting was happening on the home side, near the women’s bathroom, but things were much calmer on the visitor’s side.

“Everything over here on this side is fine. It is just the area behind the parking lot behind the press box and stuff is where all the action is happening,” the caller said.

When police arrived, they found two juveniles near the parking lot with handguns. The officers saw the two suspects quickly bent down by a car. Officers detained them and found two handguns underneath the car. Those two were charged and released to their parents.

“Can you start us some other units just for crowd control please?” said officers to dispatch. Police needed backup to help break up the groups fighting and control traffic in the area. Greensboro police were not hired for security at the event but did respond after the 911 calls.


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Guilford County Schools released the following statement:

At Friday’s Dudley High School football jamboree, law enforcement responded to a call for service involving some fights among spectators. We are grateful to our staff and local officers for their swift response. The district is conducting an internal investigation.   

The safety of our students, staff and visitors is our top priority, and disruptions that threaten their safety will not be tolerated. In 2023-2024, the district will continue to require clear bags at athletic events and touchless scanners will be used for weapon detection prior to spectators entering the stadium. The district continues to explore additional safety measures.