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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — You never know when you are sharing a room with a hero.

On Thursday morning, students at Triad Math and Science Academy learned one of their classmates was one when they heard the announcement Chief Jim Robinson with the Greensboro Fire Department made.

“We are here to honor Jamire…a true hero. There are everyday heroes among us that we…never know about,” Chief Robinson said.

12-year old Jamire Ricker was home watching TikToks on Feb.25 when he heard a noise.

At first, he thought it was coming from the device. He quickly realized something bigger was happening.

A fire was burning inside a bedroom in his home, and the noise he heard was the smoke alarm going off.

“I looked for a fire extinguisher…and I couldn’t find one…I went outside and got everybody out,” Ricker said.

He called 911.

“I think it was adrenaline that helped me,” Ricker said.

What he says also helped him was a kindergarten field trip to a fire station in Durham where they learned about safety.

“For a 12-year-old to know what a smoke alarm is, that’s really good. That’s what we strive for everyone to know. Adults and kids,” said Bridget Crump, a fire investigator with the Greensboro Fire Department.

Ricker’s actions earned him an Exceptional Civilian Service Award. It’s given to people who go above and beyond and show heroism and actions for what they do.

“It’s very rare that these are given out. So this is definitely something that is to be put in the books for a young man of this age to receive this,” Crump said.

Ricker admits he panicked at times as he tried to figure out how to put out the flames. He took all the right steps when he realized he couldn’t do it.

The cause of the fire at his house was electrical and ruled an accident.

Firefighters want us to remind you to check and change your smoke alarm batteries.

The devices are lifesavers.