GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – The average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline in Greensboro continues to decline, despite a rise on the national level. reported Monday that the average price last week in greater Greensboro declined by 4.3 cents per gallon, which is even better than the 2.7-cent decline statewide.

GasBuddy, which tracks 11 million reports weekly, found that nationally the prices had risen 11.1 cents in the past week, to about $3.78 per gallon. This was the second consecutive week of rising prices after about three months of declines.

AAA found that its survey shows prices slightly higher, at $3.799 per gallon. AAA says the price a week ago was $3.725, marking about a 7.5-cent rise.

But that’s not the case in Greensboro, where the average as of Sunday was $3.23 per gallon, which is 18 cents less than a month ago and 19.7 cents higher than a year ago. The average statewide was $3.28.

The national increase mostly has been felt in the far West and upper Midwest – think Illinois and Michigan – which have pulled up the average, GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan said in a release.

GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan.

“But at the same time, areas of the Northeast and Gulf Coast have continued to see declines as the nation experiences sharp differences in trends between regions,” De Haan said. “Some West Coast states saw prices rise 35 to 55 cents per gallon in the last week as refinery issues continued to impact gasoline supply, which fell to its lowest level in a decade in the region, causing prices to skyrocket.”

Cheapest gas

GasBuddy, which surveys some 586 outlets in greater Greensboro, said the cheapest gallon of gas it found on Sunday was $3.02 per gallon. The most expensive was $3.69.

The lowest in the state is $2.83 per gallon at a BP in Cornelius. Several outlets in eastern North Carolina were below $3, and the highest price statewide was $4.59.

By comparison, the average price in Winston-Salem was $3.21, about 6.4 cents less than a week ago, and in Durham it’s $3.38, down about 2 cents.

AAA reported Davidson, Davie and Surry among the 14 counties in the Piedmont Triad had among the lowest average prices statewide, all between $3.178 and $3.207. Rockingham ($3.304), Alleghany ($3.322), Wilkes ($3.295) and Alamance ($3.279) counties were above average.

National outlook

Both GasBuddy and AAA show the national prices to continue to be about 60 cents more than a year ago, De Haan, for one, said the national rise may not be ending soon.

“While I’m hopeful there will eventually be relief, prices could go a bit higher before cooling off,” he said. “In addition, OPEC could decide to cut oil production by a million barrels as the global economy slows down, potentially creating a catalyst that could push gas prices up further.”

GasBuddy did report the national average price of diesel has declined 2.9 cents in the past week, to $4.86. AAA has it at $4.622, down about 3.6 cents since last week.

Historical trends

GasBuddy’s historical average gasoline prices for Oct. 3 in Greensboro and the national average going back a decade:

                    GSO           U.S.

2021:        $3.04        $3.18

2020:        $2.06        $2.17

2019:        $2.41        $2.67

2018:        $2.73        $2.91

2017:        $2.45        $2.52

2016:        $2.21        $2.22

2015:        $2.14        $2.29

2014:        $3.23        $3.31

2013:        $3.26        $3.36

2012:        $3.71        $3.78