RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh family is demanding justice and an apology from the city’s police department years after it said it was victims of a violent no-knock warrant served at the wrong address.

“This was wrong in every aspect,” Yolanda Irving said.

On Monday, she stood beside her attorney and Emancipate NC, who was demanding justice from the Raleigh Police Department for the 2020 no-knock warrant served at the wrong address at her home.

Irving said officers pointed guns at her children, forced them to sit on the ground for more than one hour and searched their home.

At a downtown press conference, social justice activists in Raleigh said change needs to happen.

“It speaks to a larger issue, a systemic issue with the Raleigh Police Department and the culture of the city of Raleigh, it’s seeming that it’s to continue the brutalization of marginalized communities,” Kerwin Pittman, a social justice activist, said.

He said the family has asked for a simple apology and the police department has never issued one.

“If they’re willing to pay thousands of dollars and not just say, ‘I’m sorry, we made a mistake,’ when clearly you entered the wrong home, it speaks to the character of [the] Raleigh Police Department,” Pittman said.

Irving said she has since moved out of that home, and even going back to the neighborhood one time recently was tough.

“I broke down, I don’t like being over there, it’s just traumatizing,” she said.

She has since filed a lawsuit against the city that heads to mediation next month. She said she just wants other families to know this can happen to anyone.

“I need them to understand that this may happen to somebody else, we don’t know how many times this happened,” she said.

CBS 17 did reach out to the Raleigh Police Department for comment. It said it does not comment on ongoing litigation.