RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Hundreds of volunteers are working to provide some relief after two weekends of deadly storms in the South and Midwest regions of the United States.

Cally Edwards, the Communication Director with the American Red Cross in eastern North Carolina, said local volunteers have joined more than 800 others to help with the recovery effort in multiple states.

Edwards said nearly 20 volunteers have been working in Mississippi and now that effort is beginning in Arkansas.

The recent storms have resulted not just in devastation for these communities, but also the deaths of more than 50 people across the regions.

“It has been a very busy season for severe weather and it’s happening very rapidly,” Edwards said.

The Red Cross said trained volunteers have provided more than 78,000 meals and served more than 5,000 households. In addition to supplying food, shelter and emergency materials, Edwards said these volunteers are also providing a sense of comfort for families who need it most.

“They are in communities where there’s not a lot of resources to begin with. And so these storms exasperate the need,” Edwards said.

It’s not just the immediate need, but Edwards said Red Cross volunteers are there to help with the long-term recovery effort, too.

While the recovery in some of the impacted areas could take months, in the midst of it all, Edwards also said volunteers are continuing to keep an eye on incoming storms that could impact some of the same areas.

“They’re going to have that same system thereof partners from the Red Cross working together to help mitigate those needs as they come,” Edwards said.

The American Red Cross of Eastern North Carolina said the best way for people to help the recovery is by making a monetary donation or by signing up to become a volunteer. Anyone can visit RedCross.org and call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “tornado” to 90999 to make a $10 donation for the relief effort.