MOYOCK, N.C. (WAVY) — One dog was found dead in “unsanitary and inhumane living conditions” in North Carolina, officials said. Sixty other dogs and puppies were rescued and taken to a local animal shelter for care.

According to Currituck County officials, 47 adult dogs and 14 puppies were rescued from Bentwood Labradors, a kennel in Moyock.

Currituck Animal Services and Control Department Head Geena Maurer said officers found one dead, they later learned, from starvation.

“One of our animal care techs looked and saw her in the doghouse and he checked her, and she was deceased,” said Maurer.

The rest of the dogs are being assessed at the animal shelter. An announcement will be made at a later date with any possible adoptions.

“Everybody is inside eating a lot, drinking a lot. This is a new life for them,” said Shelter Manager Rachael Stone.

An official with the Currituck Sheriff’s Office said the investigation started when animal control officers responded to a report of loose dogs.

When they arrived on scene, they discovered multiple dogs in unsanitary outdoor kennels.

The owner of Bentwood Labradors, Tim Warren, now faces 78 animal welfare violations in connection to the incident, according to officials.

Warren was charged with 61 counts of failure to provide animals with medical care, adequate food and water, and sanitary living conditions, eight counts of violating the county’s restraint ordinance and eight counts of allowing animals to create a nuisance. Warren was also charged with one count of failing to provide veterinarian care to an animal, resulting in its death.

“It was owned by a very reputable honorable breeder. His name was Jessie Crisp and he passed away a few years ago. That’s when things started going downhill when Mr. Warren took control,” Maurer said.

The Currituck Animal Shelter is taking donations for cleaning supplies, sheets, and blankets to continue to take care of the rescued group. They are also accepting gift cards to local pet stores, Walmart, and Tractor Supply.

“We’ve got some old ones who are sleeping like they’ve never had good rest before. You can definitely see it, there’s some relief and peace for them,” said Stone.

Maurer said they are accepting applications for the dogs, but they cannot be adopted at this time.

Four dogs and seven cats were also rescued from “unsanitary and inhumane living conditions” in a separate incident on Knotts Island.