(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Popular social media site TikTok is under fire by lawmakers across the country.

Several state governors have already banned state workers from using the platform on state devices, while other lawmakers are calling for the app to be removed from the U.S. altogether.

At least 18 states have already taken action against TikTok over the last two years.

Indiana’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the site, claiming TikTok violated consumer protection laws.

In the U.S., TikTok has about 94 million monthly active users.  Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – TikTok is owned by a China-based company ByteDance.

The company claimed its data is stored in the U.S., and the Chinese government does not have access to it.

Recently, the FBI raised national security concerns, saying the app is controlled by a government that does not share U.S. values or best interests.

While no lawsuits or bans exist in North Carolina, Attorney General Josh Stein says his office investigates TikTok and another major social media site.

“My office is investigating two major social media platforms, TikTok and Instagram, because we want to ensure that these products are not being used in a way that harms our kids,” N.C. Attorney Josh Stein said.

In a statement to Queen City News, Stein’s office said:

“I’m deeply concerned about data security and privacy on social media platforms. And with an app like TikTok, I’m particularly concerned about its potential negative impacts on our children.

That’s why I’m investigating TikTok.

I’m also pushing TikTok and Snapchat to give parents more ability to monitor the content and information our children see and share on their platforms.

And I encourage everyone using social media apps, young and old, to protect their personal information.

Keeping people safe online continues to be a top priority for my office.”