CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — New search warrants now reveal a two-year-old boy who was found in Park Road Park was murdered, according to CMPD.

The search warrant was issued and executed and digital media was seized by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on the morning of March 30, 2022, at a home on Abbey Place.

A copy of the search warrant was left at the home, the report indicated.

Officers said they responded to calls on March 12, 2022, when 39-year-old Natalia Suero’s two-year-old son, Jonathan Suero, was found face-up in a pond in Park Road Park. He was pronounced dead by Medic. Detectives were unable to determine if the boy died in the pond or elsewhere.

In the search warrant, detectives said Suero gave ‘vague and inconsistent statements’ about what happened. She told officers she ‘blacked out’ and was unable to give them a timeline.

During an interview with CMPD, the little boy’s mother said she left her phone at her apartment. Detectives said they analyzed Suero’s phone data and found the location services were off but the phone was on at the time of the incident.

An aquatics expert was brought in and advised Suero’s story was not supported by science, specifically that the victim was floating and face up, the warrant indicated.

No arrests have been made yet in this case.