CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A 4-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being shot at an apartment complex in southeast Charlotte Monday.

CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings tweeted out his disbelief Tuesday morning.

“It’s so hard for me to even fathom this senseless act of violence,” said Jennings.

Neighbors say gunfire is quite common in the community.

“When I came out of my apartment, I heard a lot of commotion, and I heard maybe 6 or 7 rounds go off,” said Gabriel Ball, who lives at the apartment complex next door to the shooting.

“Heard seven gunshots and then maybe a couple of seconds after that eighth one,” said another neighbor who did not want to use her name or show her face on camera.

One of the bullets hit a 4-year-old little boy who was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery.

“He’s really a sweet little boy,” said the neighbor.

Neighbors say it was a drive-by shooting at the Wallace Woods apartments on Wallace Road right off E. Independence Boulevard.

“There’s constant gunfire going off on a regular basis. I hear it every week,” said Ball.

She’s terrified for her 4-month-old baby girl.

“It’s terrorizing in my mind in the middle of the night. I keep her up under me. I’m definitely considering moving. I want to stay in Charlotte, but this side of Charlotte, it’s nowhere for anybody to grow up,” said Ball.

Another neighbor says she’s too scared to speak on camera and traumatized after applying pressure to the little boy’s gunshot wounds.

Another woman didn’t want to show her face on camera.

“My youngest one is just a year younger than hers, so yeah, it hit very close to home, and I’ve had a bullet come in my house. Thankfully, we weren’t in the house when it happened,” said the woman.

The community is reeling from violence impacting innocent victims.

“It’s not just shooting at night. We’re having shootings during the daytime when children are coming home from school,” said one neighbor. “It’s dangerous. It’s supposed to be safe where we can be a family and raise our children.”

“A 4-year-old, really? That baby didn’t deserve that, nobody deserves that, but people don’t really care; they’re ruthless with it,” said Ball.

This is the second shooting involving children at the Wallace Woods Apartments in the last two months.

Back in June, a one-year-old and a 7-year-old were shot. The one-year-old died.