CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It’s a problem Queen City News has detailed in recent weeks: young bicycle groups disrupting traffic and, sometimes, resorting to vandalism and violence.

“They jumped me, they beat me up. They ran my pockets, they took my phone, my wallet, my car keys, and my car,” one man told QCN in an interview.

“Two of them came charging at me [and] said, ‘we’re going to F this dude up,’” another man said.

One couple said they were attacked after the Charlotte FC game, “One of the youngest ones actually got off this bike and started picking up rocks off the side of the road and at his full strength just started hurling them at the car,” one man said.

His wife replied, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life!”

Now, CMPD is executing the full-court press.

“All four parents were charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” said CMPD Captain Bret Balamucki.

CMPD is putting pressure on the parents and ramping up efforts to track bicycle-related crimes.

“Now, anytime somebody has a charge or any bike-related, we are putting it into a single kind of spreadsheet for the division so we can share that with the District Attorney if they need it,” Balamucki said.

Today, police revealed the shooting just outside Romare Bearden Park ten days ago, involving one of those bicycle groups.

“[The suspect] fires four shots into the vehicle that’s occupied by our victim that’s stuck in the spine and now looks like he’s potentially paralyzed,” he said.

They arrested three people involved including the alleged shooter, Makahi Alfayad, whose mother turned him in. They then linked Alfayad and Jermaine Walker Jr. to another crime involving a motorist.

“On the 10th of April over on Valleydale, where a gentleman was shot inside of a vehicle and his dog was also shot,” Balamucki said.

The problem involving these groups is so serious, CMPD conducted an operation this weekend, seizing ATVs, dirt bikes, 40 pounds of marijuana, 22 grams of fentanyl, and an assault rifle from Joe Nguyen who, they say, tried to throw a Molotov cocktail at officers during a pursuit.

It’s much more than kids doing wheelies on bikes.

“Now suddenly we’ve got weapons being involved,” Balamucki said, “and that’s why we’re going to crank it up on our end with that.”

CMPD says the ages of those involved are as young as 11. In one instance, a 12-year-old pointed a fake, yet very real-looking, gun at a driver. Jermaine Walker Jr. told police he made his gun at home from a kit. Both he and Makahi Alfayad are already out of jail on bond.

CMPD says they’re working with the Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice System to make sure these people don’t become repeat offenders.