BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) — Carteret County deputies arrested two men on Thursday after a breaking and entering incident occurred where two children were inside and called 911.

Jayden Chance Comer, 22, from Havelock, and Joseph Brandon Giffin, 27, from Newport, were both arrested and charged with:

  • Two counts of Felony Breaking & Entering
  • Two counts of Felony Larceny
  • Two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Breaking and Entering and Larceny
  • One count of Possession of a Firearm by a Felon
  • One count of Possessing a Concealed Handgun
  • One count of Injury to Real Property

Comer and Giffin were taken to the Carteret County Jail. Comer was placed under a $100,000 bond while Giffin was placed under a $70,000 bond. They had their first court appearance on Friday morning, where their bonds were both increased to $150,000.


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The two suspects were arrested on Thursday after deputies responded to a 911 call from the children, ages 8 and 15, who were hiding in a closet as the two men were inside their home. Deputies later found the two men down the street from the home and arrested them. They were found after being seen on home surveillance cameras.

The two children were not hurt. Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck said both were extremely brave and did the right thing by calling 911 and remaining hidden and quiet until deputies arrived.