CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — It’s a repulsive act that’s been happening for months at the M Street condominiums in Uptown.

A woman has been relieving herself outside homeowners’ front doors along 7th Street and McDowell Street.

“She is using our complex as her personal bathroom,” said one homeowner.

“They are using our stairwell and the nook under our stairwell and our neighbor’s stairwell as a restroom,” said homeowner Lydia Butts.

Residents first noticed the excrement in early spring.

“It’s been a huge problem,” Butts said. “It’s, I mean, it got to the point where every day it was happening, and it would smell, and there would be flies. I mean, we’ve noticed we’d have to not have our doors open.”

The person has left feminine products and piles of feces primarily in the corner of one building but has also gone to the bathroom on people’s front steps.

Those who live around here aren’t sure if this person’s actions are vindictive or out of necessity. Regardless, they want it to stop.

“It’s gross, and it’s just got to stop,” another resident said. “We’re a few blocks away from the police station. So, I hope the police come down here at least.”

One homeowner says the police explained they could only do something once they put up no trespassing signs, which they’ve already ordered.

They’ve also installed a camera and alarm for when the person returns.

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“Every time I come down my stairwell, I wonder if I’m going to be confronted with someone,” said another.

One homeowner did catch the person in the act and confronted her, but she ran away.

“At this point, you know, we’re kind of getting fed up, so we just need to figure out a solution,” one person said.